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    Al Ghadeer comes with its easy and affordable pricing schemes for home buyers, looking to invest in Abu Dhabi. While it comes with its magnificent interiors and design ensure making an impressive impression for the first time. One can also have down-payment schemes at the time of purchasing the property.

    Al Ghadeer comprises several sub communities, where Al Khaleej considered the most popular habitable. Properties at Al Waha, Al Sabeel Building and Khubeira Village are in excessive demand as well. Liwa Village, Al Buhayra Village, Baraha Village and Falaj Village with villas, townhouses and low-rise houses are the other constituents of the development.

    Unlike waterside communities here the prices for sale and rent look not so hefty, assuming that the percentage of return on investment (ROI) is competitive.

    Studios of about 40 m2 area at Al Ghadeer in Al Khaleej Village may be rented starting with USD 6.807; AED 25.000; RUB 467.766 yearly payment.

    One-bedroom apartment, 60 m2, in a 2-storied building located in Al Waha is offered for USD 10.074; AED 37.000; RUB 692.293 yearly rent.

    A two-bedroom villa in 185 m2 area with a large garden is offered for rent for USD 17.697; AED 65.000; RUB 1.216.191.

    Owners of studios at Al Ghadeer will enjoy 8,2% ROI, one-bedroom apartment – 7,5%. Two-bedroom villa normally earns 6,7%

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