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    The payment plan options for the townhouses and villas at Yas Acres are presented with attractive options, where one can finally end up selecting the right choice. With its prime location in Abu Dhabi, it seems to have benefits with its high ROI.

     Areas of properties vary from 2,217 sq.ft. to 8,589 sq.ft. For now, the price of a 2-bedroom townhouse starts from AED 2,490,000 (USD 678,000). In case you need a bigger area, you might prefer a villa, which costs a minimum of AED 5,600,000 (USD 1,525,000). There is also an option to build a private pool in your garden, no matter which unit you have. Each property boasts a balcony or a terrace and parking for 2 or more cars.

    Payment Plan Option

    MilestoneDate60/40 ( 2% discount )50/50 ( 1% discount )40/60 ( no discount )
    SPA Sign DateNA10%10%5%
    Construction Start28-Feb-2210%10%10%
    Infra. deep services 50%31-Aug-2210%5%5%
    Superstructure 50%28-Feb-2310%10%5%
    Superstructure 100%31-Aug-2310%10%5%
    Facade Completion28-Feb-2410%5%10%

    Economic Benefits

    Townhouses and villas are in demand nowadays due to individuals and families wanting outside space after previous global quarantine measures. People want to have more private space where they can relax, sunbathe, enjoy nature, etc. The units in the Dahlias give homeowners this opportunity.

    Even though Yas Island is a sustained area, it’s still developing, which means that it’s an economically attractive place. Investors usually obtain units with a smaller area, as such properties are easier to be rented out.

    The annual rental price for a 2-bedroom townhouse in Yas Acres starts from AED 180,000 (USD 49,000). Both short-term and long-term rentals are available. The rental yield of a 2-bedroom townhouse is around 6%, while a 5-bedroom unit will produce only about 4.5% profit.

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